Thomas Smith-Certified Gang Specialist

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Positive Gentlemen

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My name is Thomas R. Smith for positive Gentlemen Inc. and I would like to say a few word’s about Thug Mentality Exposed.

The knowledge that I’ve learned was amazing, because I started banging at 13 years-old, but I was around it my whole life. I claimed “East Coast 190”, and was nick named “Lunatic”. I was living up to a false image of myself and Thug Mentality Exposed helped me to realize that  there is more going on than meets the eye, and the curriculum was the right fit for my organization.

I’m now the CEO of Positive Gentlemen Inc. and I plan on bringing this knowledge to everyone I come in contact with.  So thank you for allowing me to be a part of this powerful movement to wake up those who choose to sleep.

Positive Gentlemen is now on board and hope to honor you guys up north well, with how we add the positive G’s twist to it.

Yours truly,

Thomas Smith

CEO-Positive Gentelmen Inc.