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Roy (Formerly Know as “Kilroy”) Roybal


Roy Roybal is a practicing Evangelist from Southern California.  His testimony is one that promotes serious thought in those that hear it.  Hard core gang members and drug addicts listen to him carefully because he knows what he’s talking about.  Brother Roy is a product of the Boyle Heights area of East LA where he was mostly raised by his grandmother until he reached his early teens when he began a journey that would transition him for his grandmother’s influence and authority to being “state raised” in the California Corrections systems.

It was then that he also began a very long association with the California gang subculture.  “Roy” became known to his friends as “kilroy” going from one youth corrections facility to another his decisions keeping him in a revolving door which always lead “Kilroy” back into the corrections system.  Roy eventually arrived at San Quentin State Prison at the ripe old age of 19 years-old and the beginning of what would eventually result in a 40-year prison career.

In San Quentin, Roy became a member of the Mexican Mafia prison gang and became deeply entrenched in the prison gang subculture and mentality.  The “Eme” became his life focus as he grew in stature and also became feared and respected.  Over time, Roy eventually grew to become a loyal and uncompromising gang edict enforcer and leader in the gang.

In 1993, he was paroled after serving time for a violent crime conviction.  One day an aunt spoke to him about Jesus Christ and invited Roy to accept Him into his heart.  He did and this became the turning point of his and his wife Esther’s life.  They began attending church and Bible Study with this wonderful aunt along with growing stronger in the knowledge of the Lord daily.

Now resolved to a walk of faith, Brother Roy and his wife, Esther began to use their testimony and the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to reach and reclaim gang members and drug addicts from lives of ruin and destruction.  In 2004, their lives and work were interrupted when Roy was involved in an accident in his 18-wheeler.  This was an accident that doctors said should have killed him.  Instead, doctors cited as miracles that he lived through the accident, their focus didn’t change.  They did not forsake their personal walk of faith or their outreach and deliverance ministry work to the lost.  For a long period of time, Roy was left bedridden from the accident and because of this; Roy, Esher and a few friends started a church in their home that became known as “Church in the House.”  This enabled Roy to participate in the services held in their living room as he listened and prayed from his make shift hospital room (located in their dining room) and as they continued their outreach ministry work.

Roy eventually saw a partial recovery from his injuries; but the trials that he and his family would know ere not over.  In 2008, Esther bean a courageous battle with cancer.  In the midst of severe economic challenge and a major health threat they persevered through the strength of their faith and as the illness advanced, the greater her faith and strength of spirit became.  Eventually; she was taken home; however during the battle, the goodness of the Lord and her faith in Him were all that she and Brother Roy would confess.  This now remains the reason why she now leaves a legacy of victory and an example of the truth to the poser of the Christian faith.

About Brother Roy’s Ministry Presentations

His ministry presentations are primarily speaking ministry presentations that include his testimony where he recounts his life experiences leading up to his current role as an Evangelist, a community minister and a platform speaker for Bill Glass Prison Ministries.

“But those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.  They shall mount up with wings
as eagles.  They shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.”  Isaiah 40:31