Deliverance Prayer Testimonies



(Hearing-Restored in Jesus’ Name)


Lisa Tesstimony


County Jail Inmate literally feels “Armour of God” being placed on him, after “Demon Deliverance Prayer.” 


My Sincere appreciation conveyed to Brother Ray and your ministry.  May God Bless abundantly.

  Okay so this letter is in regards to the testimony you asked for after helping release the demonic beings who had dominion over me as well as destroy the tools used to keep me in bondage.  Words cannot explain the amount of gratitude I have for your time and prayer.  Allow us to give all Honor, Glory, and Praise to our Heavenly Father and his beloved Son Jesus Christ.


My testimony:

November 1st, 2017, I Anthony C.  received a visit from Mr. Rayford after formally meeting each other we began discovering why I wanted him to pray for and over me and what kind of things were going on in my life.

I began telling Brother Rayford about seeing people around me transform from one person to another before my very eyes.  Now when I get upset and angry, I feel as if something else takes over my body and I became a passenger inside my own body.  When this happens I feel the power and strength this other being releases and the more I hit someone or feed that anger the stronger it’s power becomes.  At times I would give into my anger to the point that this being would actually take over and I would black out.

Mr. Rayford began telling me that all these things are in fact demonic forces interacting with me.  He then began breaking down the ways these beings get inside you as well as how they obtain the authority to be there and dominate you by the behaviors and practices of our day to day life.  These practices and behaviors vary from lustful thoughts, adultery, drug abuse, tattoos and actively participating in gangs.  As I am being informed of these things my eyesight begins to darken and something inside of me kept trying to get me to leave, but I deeply desired to see this through.

At that time Brother Rayford started praying for legions, many legions of angels to enter the room so that they may bind the demons and cast them back into hell.  I then felt a light presence around me and another heavy and hollow presence within my body.  While Mr. Rayford prayed for specific things like lust, abandonment, guilt, anger, depression, mental illness, ADHD, schizophrenia, bipolar, drug abuse, adultery…..etc…

I could see inside my mind< for I had my eyes closed, head bowed> these demons and demonic beings opened their eyes and looked in the direction Mr. Rayford was praying from.  Some of those beings were released instantly, others held on long but I noticed that as they were being released either by disappearing, being dragged away or thrown into the fire,  I kept feeling pressure being released from my body.

Some of these demonic beings were released through my sweat from within my armpits but it was not the feeling of normal sweat but felt as if it were a serpent. 

Numerous times Brother Rayford asked me how I was feeling and my response was “lighter” and I was able to direct him where in my body these beings had tried to gather and manifest.  Brother Rayford then prayed over those areas and I continuously felt lighter and more release from these tormentors.  This cycle continued a few times until I felt a complete whole body lightness.  Mr. Rayford then asked me how I felt and all I could say was:  “I feel like I am floating in the air.”  Brother Rayford began laughing joyfully and I joined in and he prayed that God keeps me in his good graces and anoint me with His Holy Spirit and allow me to feel His love, His joy, His forgiveness, and asked for more love, more joy, more love, more joy.  I couldn’t stop myself from laughing and smiling for I kept feeling a flood of these emotions running through me.

Mr. Rayford then asked that God equipped me with his armor and Mr. Rayford began reciting each piece of the Armor of God the Belt of Truth, Breastplate of Righteousness, Sandals of Peace, Shield of Faith, Helmet of Salvation and the Sword of the Holy Spirit.  And as Brother Rayford prayed that God equipped me with these things, I felt a belt wrap around my waist, a breastplate or vest cover my chest and upper body including my back, shoes or sandals being slid on to my feet, a shield on my left arm with a heavyweight.  I felt a sword appear into my hand < right hand >then disappear and reappear onto my hip as if it were holstered and I also felt a helmet placed upon my head, then be lifted off and turned into a halo that floated above my head.

Mr. Rayford then asked how I felt again and I told him exactly how all the Armor felt around me.  He then said glory be to God and asked me to praise God which we both began doing together.

After one last prayer of strength as well as protection, Brother Rayford and I said our goodbyes and I returned to my pod.  As I returned to my pod I still felt the weight and the presence of the Armor of God and also felt lighter and inside felt whole and clean.  That night I slept beautifully.


Hey, Brother Ray hope this letter serves its purpose in giving glory to God and the work of his people.  Hopefully, this helps touch many lives God Bless you.  Also if you got time please send the two books that you had mentioned thank you.  Please keep me in your Churches prayers.


Anthony C.

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County Jail-Maximum Security Side (California)



Hello, my Brother, this is your good friend T—- writing you.  I had such a blessing visit from you today my spirit is overfilled with peace and love.

You see growing up I been abused physically, sexually and mentally.  So I grew up with a lot of fear in my life.  And the meth I was using was making me more afraid, but that’s not all.  If I was to make a list, it would go on and on.  the devil had his chains wrapped around me.

Then I met you brother, you broke the chains through prayer and deliverance with the power of the Holy Ghost.  When I bowed my head and you were praying for me I felt the devil inside of me moving around throughout my whole body.

I started shaking just like when I feel fear or afraid  I prayed for the devil along with the power of the demons to leave my soul.  Then finally I felt the demons come out and the Holy Spirit was able to fully enter my mind and body.  That’s when the tears of hurt and pain and fear came pouring out.

Then at last with the Holy Spirit entering completely within me, those tears of hurt, pain, guilt, and fear turned into tears of joy, love, peace, and forgiveness.

Rayford, I just want to say thank you for your visit.  You have truly blessed me with the power of the Holy Spirit.  God is real and Satan is real.  And this life is a constant battle between God and Satan.  But today I surrender my self completely to God.  Now since I know how to use my sword of the spirit, I can conquer and overcome Satan and his demons.

I know my journey with God has just begun.  But I’m not going to give up on god.  God loves me and He wants me to be in Heaven with Him one day.  This life is only temporary.

The devil will try his hardest to steal my soul and pull me into his lust but in Jesus Name I resist! Be gone!  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Rayford if you have time, please come visit me again and pray for me some more.  Thank you, my Brother, and thank you, Jesus.

T. S.

Jail Deliverance Testimony- Stephanie: Delivered from Tattoo Curse, Mental Torment & Nose Healed-from Cocaine Damage.

Sacramento County Jail 3/15/17

“Deliverance from Tattoos, Night Terrors and Nose Healed from Damage from Cocaine Addiction”

My name is Stephanie and Reverend Rayford Johnson came to Sacramento County Jail and as we talked I told him the areas where I needed deliverance and help to overcome.

Being afraid not being able to go to sleep:  Fighting my sleep and my tattoos, I have two lustful naked/half naked women and one a human form gargoyle: ones on my side, the other on my forearm.  My other tattoos some are of astrology some on my hand and on my neck along with a name of my ex who has done some pretty terrible things to me even cheating and what not…

I always hate how people comment on them and it puts a bad image on me, like they don’t see me just my tattoos.

Now we begin to pray and rebuke and calling out the names and naming my problem spirits and I felt an urge to kinda like brush my arm with the tattoos on it with my other arm and when I went to do that I looked and my arm where the gargoyle is from her down to my hand was hot glowing red; like a metal when someone welds after they pull that piece  of metal out of the furnace, how it glows a red hot glow burning, thats what my arm looked like and like I stated before I swept or brushed it away with my other hand. 

Immediately after that I felt afraid, an eerie spirit was bothering me causing movement in my hair and around my neck area that I touched and grabbed in a throw it like motion.

He asked me if I was feeling anything else, mind you the whole time he his praying and another gal is praying with us in a rebuking manner and I said ‘yes, my nose, something is bothering me there, I used cocaine a lot in the past’:  After he prayed over that area as well, I felt I could breathe fresh air from my nose that I haven’t felt that way in a long time.

My arm wasn’t red anymore and my hair and neck area was laying down straight, I felt relieved of any blockage holding my neck, I was beginning to feel my shakiness subside and a big weight came off my heart/chest area.

After I felt better, during the whole time he is still praying, and then be begins praying that I be filled with the Lord, God’s light in Jesus name in Hebrew (Yeshua Hamachia) I believe, and I kept feeling being filled with good positive fruits of the Holy Spirit,  it was an amazing feeling.

This took place Monday March 13th, It’s now Wednesday the 15th, it’s been a day and a half and this morning and last night I slept so good, and had the most amazing dream(s) ever where I’m flying and  see my house  in the air, lots of brightness, some water when I looked down and I’m just flying up and over beautiful scenery, white clouds, light all around and moving fast.

Also I’ve noticed no one is noticing my tattoos, hahahha!, it’s crazy if I think I see their eyes’ glance at them, that would be it, a glance and nothing else no more, glances, and makes me think the didn’t even notice in the first place.

Spiritual realms here working for real and God is all so Powerful.  I Praise God and Thank Him and for working and speaking through Reverend Rayford Johnson, may God continue to bless him abundantly in the name of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit forever and ever, Amen!




From: Witchcraft,Blurry Vision, Headaches and Chronic Pain

From: ——————gmail
Date: June 3, 2017 at 10:28:54 AM PDT
Subject: Testimoney





Blessings Brother Ray,


I want to share my testimony of Deliverance after you prayed for me on Skype.  I cant stop praising God this morning for the overwhelming Joy I feel in my heart and my spirt.  😀

For years I haven’t been able to feel my head and the top of my forehead was numb. My vision has been very blurry and my hearing was fogged.  I had tremendous pain in my back, neck, fingers, feet and left side.  I spent a lot of money going to the doctors to find out what was causing my vision to become blurry and they found nothing!  Sometimes I would see streams of colors and my vision would be blurry causing me so much torment at work.  IT IS ALL GONE IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!!!!!! GLORY TO THE MOST HIGH GOD! HALLELUYA! CAUSE IN NAME OF JESUS DEMONS HAVE TO FLEE.  🙌 

I was delivered from Generational curses, witchcraft, santeria, depression, wicca, freemasonry, blood sacrifices, past drug addictions, alcohol, rape, shame, guilt, trauma, abuse, incest, tattoos, incubus, and so many, many more.   Curses that came to me thru my mothers womb and sickness, disease and the spirit death and destroy!  There were curses on my finances that has caused me to always be in poverty.  ALL BROKEN IN THE NAME OF JESUS!  WOW!!  How amazing is our Lord and Savior. 


Thank you Jesus for leading you to break the curse and assignment on my new Job that the Lord opened a door for me 9 months ago.  I never once shared with you what I have been goin thru at my new job!  How much torment and crying I have done since I have been at my new position working for the state.  I was in constant harassment and always being micromanaged and talked down to in front of other employees.  Constant TORMENT!  So many times I would be at my desk and all of a sudden I would feel this nasty presence and see a Demon watching me or walking behind me.  When you started breaking the assignment, I started crying a shaking and vomiting and sweating!  I feel such a HEAVY BURDEN lifted.  You have no idea how much I cried and prayed to the Lord to Deliver me from this!  I FEEL FREE! FREEDOM AND LIBERTY IN MY SPIRIT! 


I have tried many numerous times to  reach out to other Deliverance ministers and was unsuccessful getting any response back.  God knows all things and I Thank you for taking your time to minister to me and Encourage me in the Lord! Thank you for speaking and praying blessings over my life, family, children and finances. 🙂 Thank you for allowing God to use you as a willing vessel to Deliver me in the name of Jesus.   I am so Thankful to the Lord for you Ministry and videos.  Thank you for being a Loving brother in Christ and such a Blessing to the Body of Christ!  I will always keep you and your Ministry in my Prayers and May God Bless you in Abundance and continue to provide all your needs, so you can continue to Preach the Gospel and Set The Captives Free in the Name of Yeshua!  Numbers 6:24-26


God Bless you

Sister Kelly 

 Inmate-Deliverance (County Jail)

(Back and Stomach Illness Healed in Jesus’ Name)

It’s me Ramiro —– inmate #——–I just wanted to write you and thank your for coming to see me last week.  Well let me say I was feeling sick for a few days and the day you came as well.  It was crazy because when I walked in the room you were waiting for me, I even felt more sick.  I was feeling really sweaty and was seeing stars like my head was spinning around.

Then you started praying for the demonic spirits to leave my body, I begin to feel chills all over my body.  I even got really sad and begin to cry.  It was really what was happening, I couldn’t control it.  That made me believe in God even more.  When you were done I felt like I could run and jump or do whatever a 27 year-old man should be doing.  (Before) I had felt like an old man, I couldn’t get out of bed or nothing, I was giving up on hope.

So if there are people out there that don’t believe in you, I do brother!.  I was like that at one time, but I know what you do is true.  I read my Holy Bible and share the word with those that want to hear it.  I was an active norteno (gang member) but I dropped out because I got moved on for a bad call, because these dudes were from Sac and I was from —————- ,and I think back what did I get from it besides going to jail or losing love ones and my family. 

Now I’m going to prison and I have not one of my so called homeboys send me a letter or pick up my calls.  The only person that’s here is my wife and family and God!!!  He is for real and I will keep Him by my side for life.  So by that being said, I thank you for what you done for me and taking the time to come see me.

Your Brother Romiro

Jail Testimony: Deliverance & Infilling of the Holy Spirit & Speaking in Tongues

Dear Brother Ray,

My name is Maurice H—-. and I just wrote to say what God has put on my heart and mind to present in this letter.  I was currently prayed for by you and I received your prayer, I felt delivered from everything we touched in agreement on.  About a week went by and I was working out hard fellowshipping with a Christian brother of mine and another inmate said basically I was too loud.

So I took it upon myself to go and confront this man and found myself angry and upset and he stated as I walked off,  “That God thing went out the window huh!”  That truly offended me and I decided to call a prayer call but I was still upset and the brother prayed for me and after I took it upon myself to go and so-called ask for forgiveness and I basically spoke about asking him to forgive me. Until the end, after I expressed how upset I was in anger and then I said forgive me.

The incident spread outside the pod and the relative of the inmate got upset with me not even knowing the matter.  I took it upon myself to tell the officer to move me period and I sat down and I knew then what God wanted me to do, so I did it, I was able to talk to the relative hug him and ask him to forgive me and he said the same prayer for me and I told him the same.

  I moved to 7th floor and I still was beating myself up and I went to pray and went to sleep.  As I woke it was dinner and mind you God puts it on my heart to study His Word before every meal and instead of not doing it.  I did in Jesus Name.  A sinner falls down but he gets up “Amen”.

Then I noticed the worker outside my door was studying and I called him to my door and introduced myself and told him my story and God used him to encourage me and as well used me to encourage him in areas in his life as well.

I felt good to pray with him and then he said later after the fellowship, have you read Brother Ray’s new book?, I said Rayford Johnson, I just seen him a few days ago.  So I got the book, prayed and dove in it, and came across Basic Prayer of Salvation and Deliverance, receiving the Holy Spirit, and prayer.

After the prayer it says remember John 7:38 tells us “Out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water.”  I went to my knees quietly and first, the Holy Spirit moved upon me, I spoke in tongues from my belly, it felt like an abundance of ab crunches being done.

  I began to cry while speaking in tongues, it was like I’m trying to say something in English but the words of a different language of the Holy Spirit came out, then I breathe in for a while and exhaled a long screeching cry/moan like I was choking and I believe it was evil spirits.

Brother, after I felt light and looked in the mirror and glowed and thanked God for true deliverance for me, wife and kids.  I praised Him brother and I come to understand Ephesians 6:10-19 “Believers let us wake up to this spiritual battle it’s real and God has equipped us for every good work. 

Maurice H—-.

Jail Testimony: Deliverance

Dear Brother Ray,

Hello my name is H.D. and I’m a 27 year old and I’m writing you because my soon to be wife and I need some prayer and some spiritual guidance.  Sir I have been in and out of jail since 2009 and I’m finally tired of it and to tell you the truth I was and have been an up and down believer in Christ until the first of December 2016 and I use to tell my wife she is crazy when she would try to tell me about her spiritual experiences with God and now its the other way around, it’s like we have switched place, now I’m her and she is me and I have brought her back to where she has accepted God back into her heart.  Sir I lost my mom last year in the beginning of the year while I was at RCCC and so it’s been so hard for me but since I have accepted God into my life its been a lot more easier.  I’m also a former Northern Soldier and I don’t want to be anymore, I’m sick and tired of drugs and violence because my thought about God is a very beautiful and amazing God, I mean before my wife had our son I tried to overdose on heroin and it should have killed me but instead it just made my vision jump uncontrollably and made me threw up and I went to sleep and woke up two or four hours later it was God and I know it.  But what is my purpose on earth and I want to know how to ask Him well that it for now.

Sir Thank you for taking time to read this.

God Bless,

You and your family

P.s.  I want to be a family man and a son of God.  Oh yea I was wondering if I could get a copy of Thug Mentality Exposed.



After Deliverance:

To the People:

My name is H.D. and I was just delivered from all evil and it’s amazing I feel great and blessed to be a new born Christian. 

The feeling that I had was unbelievable but real.  I felt things move and leave my body.  My body  started to heat up and I started sweating and shaking from head to my feet

and I just advise if you haven’t received Him as you Lord and Savior then you should before it’s too late.

God Bless you and your loved ones.


I’m just here to give testimony of my deliverance from many evil spirits and entities. I received Christ and was baptized almost 8 years ago. But I have always with lustfullness and the spirit of fear and pride. Praise God through the last years I have been seeking Hod and ge has been showing himself to me. I was recently watching testimonials when I saw an evil spirit being cast out. I watched a couple of these and thought it might be a good idea. So I decided to contact a ministry to help me.

This morning when Mr. Rayford called I was sleeping and picked up after the second call I believe. After I picked up the spirit of disbelief tried to make me ignore his further phone calls and I even heard a voice say to me you ll never be free and you’re not worth saving. Praise God I didn’t believe it. I noticed these spirits of disbelief being uncovered in me and I started to believe. Immediately after I felt relief. Id also like to say that God has been gradually getting me to seek forgiveness and forsake worldliness. I am completely different than I was four months ago and I pray I will grow in Godliness everyday. This deliverance also surprised me in that he cast out evils that I had forgotten or had not mentioned. During this deliverance God told me that I must also tell him to forgive so I thought I would pass that. Im so happy that I called. The power of God is real. While being delivered I even saw demonic faces but the minute fear tried to capture me God took hold of me and reminded me of how strong HE IS. Blessed is my King. I thank you so much for this deliverance and I pray God will continue your ministry.

Request from Jail Chaplain:


Last Thursday Mark —– had a Bible study class with three inmates and one of them was called out for a visit. When he left the other two said now that it is just us, we want to talk about getting out of our gang.  They discussed how living a Christian life was not possible while in the gang. They had a desire to make a change of life but did not know how.  After the class Mark talked to me and I still had some of your Thug Mentality books and told him to give these two guys one of your books to read which Mark immediately delivered.

Today Mark was able to get one of them alone and  ask if he wanted to have a private one on one with the author of the book.  He looked around and kind of shook his head, then as Mark started to walked away he asked really private? After Mark reassured him it would be private and no other inmate would know he said yes I would like to talk to him.

This is one of the guys in the memo on gangs I gave you a copy of, it states that on 5/01/1- he and another inmate attacked a —— Gang member in what was believed to be a gang removal attack by gang intelligence. So he is a —— gang member.

So I am passing on the information to see if you can come and do a one on one with this guy.

Response after Prayer Visit at Jail:

Mark Aleman had a Bible Study today (Sunday) in SBF and Mr. ——-attended.  Mark greeted him like all the others when he came in and sat down at the back of the room. Then he told Mark who was at the front of the class that he had visited with Rayford Johnson.  Mark said he had heard about the visit, and then Mr. ——- described the meeting,  your praying for him and about the demonic tattoos and how he felt a heat in his chest at the time. Some inmates asked him about that, and Mark said a couple of guys then changed seats to sit farther away from him, like they might catch something from him.

Mark said he  was very open about the visit and seemed very at ease talking about it. Though, nothing was said about renouncing the gang.  This seems to me to be a positive sign, that he is not secretive about meeting you and having your book, so I  wanted to pass the information on to you.

Mark kept it low key in this class and plans to not ask about things in future classes Mr. ——– is in,  letting him drive the amount of attention put on the visit.  We would appreciate any suggestions you might have for how to deal with this in Bible study classes when he is there.


Deliverance of a Former Hindu:

I am R. Kumar in Sacramento Mail Jail.  The day I had prayer from you Brother it really felt to me that something wants to come out from my body, I felt very cold in my hands and legs were shaking.  I wanted to vomit and I was crying at that time.  And I had a good full night sleep (that night).  I want to have more prayer so I can be all clean my Brother Ray.

And since I am here I am a new Christian believer, I believe in my Lord Jesus Christ, and I confess all my sins, known and unknown.  And Brother Ray I want you to add me on your prayer list.  And I received the Demon Mentality Exposed Book and I am reading so I myself want to be clean from your words.


Lord send you my Brother for us.  So that you clean our mind and body, teach us the right way to prayer.  And I also pray for you my Brother Ray, that the Lord will give you courage and strength to come her for prayer for us.

Lord Jesus Christ Bless you my Brother Ray

Thank you so much

R. Kumar


Deliverance from: Drug Addiction, Voices & Witchcraft

I would like to thank this ministry for praying with me over the phone on 04/18/2016. I actually was coughing up really bad. (Like throw up) .

I was sweating really bad from my forehead/body, etc.

(Demonic Manifestations)

I was prayed over for the following issues: Drug addictions, rap/hip music, all types of involvement with witchcraft/sorcery, etc…

Thank you Rayford Johnson. God Bless you. In Jesus Name I pray Amen.



I would like to share a testimony on receiving prayer for my son.  Prior to receiving prayer , when I gave birth to my son Donald when he was only 6 weeks his face changed, into a very demonic face it scared me so bad. His face then changed again when he was 8 weeks in a restaurant my friend Portia witnessed it, and she said ” Shonta did u see that ? I said yes I saw it. I wasn’t all the way right with God,  and I lacked alot wisdom back then. When my son was 6 years old he did something very horrible,  he was acting as if he was interested in other boys and I was crying to have learned this, So I told him Donald I will pray for you, And he gave me an evil look and a voice that wasnt his said ” It won’t work ” .It was the voice of a demon, I then prayed over him, and I rebuked that demon in Jesus name.  So I went to different churches to have my son prayed over , some of the people that I thought were women of God looked at me strange when I told them why my son needed prayer, None of them called me back, I then felt embarrassed to have revealed this to them about Donald, these women of God made me feel ashame. So Donald is 13 and he had anger issues, he even has threaten to kill himself, So this when I found Rayford and I received prayer for not only myself, but for Donald,  While Ray was praying Donald walked away at first,  but Ray continued to pray for him. As Ray was praying my door flew open , it scared me and Donald and Donald started feeling sick in his stomach,  and when Ray finished Donald went in the bathroom and had to vomit, he was sick all night, he woke me up at 1 am and said he is still sick and vomiting,  and I gave him Ginger ale and Pepto bismal. He then woke up at 6am which is the time he awakes for school, he was still very sick. I knew this was normal when a person is prayed over so he stayed home in bed all day. Well the good news now its been over a week, Donald is so full of joy, he laughs all the time. He prays and reads his bible. He keeps his bible in the room with him. Ray he said to tell you thank you, and he is sorry for giving you a hard time. He even threw all his video games away. I was proud of him. He told me knew Jesus wanted him in his life, because Jesus appeared to Donald , Jesus manifested himself to my son when he was 11, and Jesus reached his hand out to my son,  Donald said he had a hole in his hand.  He said Jesus was at the right hand of God, he couldnt see Gods face, it was like a cloud in front of his face, He said he saw Jesus hair which is dark and to his shoulders, he said he has a beard  also and he had a robe on. My son said this was 1000 times better than meeting any celebrity.  He was shocked yet happy, he woke me up to tell me all about it. He said knew Jesus had a calling on his life. Thank you Rayford for taking the time to pray for my son. God is so faithful.  Im so glad he uses people like you to pray over his children.  God bless!




I contacted Brotha Ray for prayer and advice regarding why my asthma never seemed to be going away, getting healed or delivered. I am familiar with the deliverance and healing ministry and have been through a lot of it. But could not seem to shake the ‘unshakable’ spirit that was causing my lungs to tighten and shorten my breath. I would lose hours of sleep every night due to lack of breath and ask due to battling the Spirit. But the spirit knew something I did not and would not leave. So when on the phone with Bro Ray he asked me if I had any unforgiveness or unrepentant sins. I assured him I did not. But gave him the down low on what traumatic event has previously taken place in my life. He also asked me if I heard voices. I told him I do hear voices when I try to sleep, mostly the voice is calling my name and tries to hold conversations with me. I also see orbs and have many spiritual dreams and manifestations at night time. Regarding sleep paralysis. Which entered through my mother’s side of the family via witchcraft.

Brotha Ray prayed for me via phone call and as soon as he said the words “Holy Ghost Fire” my face got extremely hot, and my head began to hurt. My right ear began to sting. He kept repeating the words and I could feel things move around in my chest, feet, hip, pelvis, and brain area. After persistent commands to the demons to come out, I began to cough and cough until I threw up. Right after I threw up it was followed with a sneeze. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ that He would have the Mercy and Grace to shed His Blood to have me healed and delivered. 

Joshua  – Prayer report


Inmate-Deliverance (County Jail)

Hello my name is Robert —— and I was once a Northerner, I’m a 40 year-old man of Christ now, that is who I serve and my code of conduct is the Holy Bible.  I am now a soldier of God.  I no longer have ties to any evil doings of gangs or occults.

I would like to share my testimony from then brother, Rayford Johnson, who had one day came and prayed over me, to get any satanic, demonic evil spirits out of the temple of God.  In which is our body, my own personal body.  Now Chaplain Rayford Johnson was stretching his spiritual hand towards me and praying, I could feel something stirring up inside my stomach, back, neck and my whole body.  When Mr. Johnson kept praying in the Blood of the Lamb and demanding all the satanic demons from the Norteno gang to come out of me,  I started to feel my stomach turning and moving upward to my chest to my mouth and then a loud burp.

Many of the burps came out, as Mr. Johnson demanded the demonic spirits to come out, they did as he commanded, step by step.  This is the third time he has done this for me and let me tell you, its all real, the power of God is there.  First time I burped a lil and a runny nose and from the first time I have been prayed on, I’ve been being molded and changed to a great man. 

As now the 2nd was even more stronger.  I almost threw up and Mr. Johnson wasn’t praying on me he was at another cell door and I was actually almost throwing up and spitting and burps and runny nose with tears in my eyes.  And when he was done with the other inmate, I called him and he said brother you have a lot of faith, thats why you could feel the power of prayer.  And so he prayed and did it once again and oh  how I’ve changed my life.  At one point of my life when he came to me the first time in February, in the first week of 2015, I still had one foot in with the Nortenos and one in Christ.  But look Brothers, I to have been through what you guys have been through.  Being taught and guided the wrong direction so now I made my own choice because we can not serve two Gods, so I decided to make my own choice and that was to step both feet with God almighty.

Now you can do your homework about me, I was well respected in my neighborhood.  A lot of people older and younger looked up to me.  As if I was their idol and role model.  So no matter in what level you are in your gang ties or whatever oath you took believe me my commanding officer is the greatest he’s the alpha and the omega the first and the last the beginning and the end the almighty.  I say my testimony and share to all you brothers theres always away out your journey in life doesn’t’ end as you are now.  all you have to do is want to make that change for yourself to build a relationship with Christ our Lord.  It’s not about being religious,  it’s about building a relationship with Jesus Christ he wants to be the one you can trust and rely on for everything you need.  God is our ultimate provider!  As I was once in your shoes brothers, everything doesn’t have to end in blood shed or violence.  Don’t be deceived to thinking that your gang is righteous in what the do.  Righteous is Christ alone. Having to do others dirty work is not right and so I myself Robert E.  want to tell you that their is always a way out.  Your not obligated to serve and do others dirty deeds you have a choice to do good or evil the question I ask myself is.

Whose standard of good guides your life?

Man’s or God’s

So now that is where I stand with God’s.  So I want to say to you brothers.  I to know what it is to be a Norton and believe it or not at first it was a hard decision to make.  But reading the Bible and Bible studies renews your train of though and the loyalty to your gang norteno gang stats to be of a more eye opener.  And the decision finally comes to be easier as it come clearer that I don’t want to hurt or harm anyone so you want to do good so I finally made my decision and now my life has changed.  I even came to have to submit to authority.  They are just doing their jobs a if one of your family members would have a job so now even though none  of us is perfect but Christ we all still have some flaws.  So Mr. Johnson, I do want to thank you for all you have done and not give up one me.  As you have seen the change and that change starts with self and some inspiration of a good role model like Mr. Rayford Johnson.  I’ve have never had anyone in my 40 years of life expel demons out of me and now after, I am a new man as even my features in my face are different.  This is all true and a true testimony.  I now only sere God alone.


Thank you God & Mr. Rayford Johnson


Robert E.

Jail Testimony: Deliverance

Brother Ray,

I pray this letter finds you in good health and living in the light.  Praise God!  I just wanted to write and tell you how grateful I am to God for using you as a vessel to help me get a hold of my life and I have never felt so free and sure of anything in my life.  I am now spreading the good news and learning so much about my place in the world.  And it is now a “Spiritual” place not of this world, for I have left my “worldly” nature behind (sinful nature) and rejoice in being a true follower of Christ Jesus!! Amen 🙂

Like you, I am a servant of the Most High and all the glory is His alone.  You have no idea the impact your books “Demon Mentality Exposed and Thug Mentality Exposed” have had and still have,  even as I write this, on the ones who were so informed.  My self-included might I add.

That awareness comes straight from God himself and backed fully by the Word of Truth, the Holy Bible.  After my first deliverance I had all the clarity given by the Holy Sprit to take hold of “the Truth” and finally have it sink into my heart and soul and even my mind in a way that was nothing short of a miracle Brotha Ray.

It sunk in so deep I new I would never have to step foot back inside and jail or institution for as long as I live.  Unless of course I am returning with a pass around my neck on behalf of my won ministry serving God the way you do.  Through the Lords help you do an incredible job at educating the last on how to truly get right with the Lord.  Not only that but the “tools as well so one can stay right with the Lord.

Thank you so very much for doing your part for Jesus our Lord and Savior by getting His bride ready for his return.  Because of all you help thru the Lord I and so many other now know that is our job to do as well. 

Praise God for clarity and understanding of the Truth.  I t brings tears to my eyes knowing how lost we all were and how much hope and love we have now thru faith.

Praise God and may the Lord bless your steps and your ministry Brotha Ray.

Forever Faithful

your Sister in Christ.




I thank God for my deliverance session with Evangelist Rayford on Sunday March 13, 2016. Before receiving deliverance from my Heavenly Father I was weighed down with demons. There were times that I couldn’t even think straight. I was plagued with many generational curses such as the curse of singleness and domestic violence. The Leviathan and lust and anger demons were present also. I thank God for allowing Evangelist Rayford to pray for me. I am now free to do God’s work without bondage having hold of me.

Hallelujah. Thank you Jesus.

Yaleca Shelby