Powerful!!! NEW…. Testimony of God’s Angelic Protection in PRISON….

I received this text just yesterday from an individual God had me minister to when he was in the Sacramento County Jail.  He had read my book Demon Mentality Exposed, wherein a chapter I talk about God’s angelic protection He provides for us. 

Text Message:

“My name is Vincent I was sentenced to 32 months in prison during my stay in the county jail I was introduced to Rayford he did the Deliverance Prayer over me would change my life forever I’m a reformed gang member and while I was in a gang I made a lot of enemies and going to prison what’s the scary nightmare for me not knowing what was going to happen when I got there who was there but the night before I left to go to prison Rayford came to see me and prayed over me again asking Four Angels of the Lord to protect me and that no weapon formed against me shall prosper (Isaiah 54:17) and believe it or not the next day on that bus to prison I wasn’t scared I didn’t have no fear I was ready to do the time I was given while I was in prison I got in a fight with this guy because someone else told him something that wasn’t true and he wanted to show that he wasn’t no punk just to impress who is that was his friends well he approached me saying that I disrespected him and we have to fight.


So I take a step back try to talk him out of it he swung on me we both started fighting as we are fighting I said angels of the Lord restrain this man because I was tired of fighting I didn’t want to get caught didn’t want to get in trouble didn’t want to hurt nobody when I said angels of the Lord restrain this man he was throwing a punch and his body locked up and his mind changed instantly and he came to realization why are we even fighting for anyways and I told him because you let other people missguided your directions we hug each other said a prayer and I brought him the Bible studies every week and we became close friends after that but ever since I met Ray my life’s been a blessing I got out of prison got a job bought a house and I’m just taking care of my family all through the grace of God just have faith and don’t give up cuz he won’t give up on you.”


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