Inmate literally feels “Armor of God” come on him after (( Demon Deliverance Prayer ))

“My Sincere appreciation conveyed to Brother Ray and your ministry.  May God Bless abundantly.

  Okay so this letter is in regards to the testimony you asked for after helping release the demonic beings who had dominion over me as well as destroy the tools used to keep me in bondage.  Words cannot explain the amount of gratitude I have for your time and prayer.  Allow us to give all Honor, Glory, and Praise to our Heavenly Father and his beloved Son Jesus Christ.


My testimony:

November 1st, 2017, I Anthony C. received a visit from Mr. Rayford after formally meeting each other we began discovering why I wanted him to pray for and over me and what kind of things were going on in my life.

I began telling Brother Rayford about seeing people around me transform from one person to another before my very eyes.  Now when I get upset and angry, I feel as if something else takes over my body and I became a passenger inside my own body.  When this happens I feel the power and strength this other being releases and the more I hit someone or feed that anger the stronger it’s power becomes.  At times I would give into my anger to the point that this being would actually take over and I would black out.

Mr. Rayford began telling me that all these things are in fact demonic forces interacting with me.  He then began breaking down the ways these beings get inside you as well as how they obtain the authority to be there and dominate you by the behaviors and practices of our day to day life.  These practices and behaviors vary from lustful thoughts, adultery, drug abuse, tattoos and actively participating in gangs.  As I am being informed of these things my eyesight begins to darken and something inside of me kept trying to get me to leave, but I deeply desired to see this through.

At that time Brother Rayford started praying for legions, many legions of angels to enter the room so that they may bind the demons and cast them back into hell.  I then felt a light presence around me and another heavy and hollow presence within my body.  While Mr. Rayford prayed for specific things like lust, abandonment, guilt, anger, depression, mental illness, ADHD, schizophrenia, bipolar, drug abuse, adultery…..etc…

I could see inside my mind< for I had my eyes closed, head bowed> these demons and demonic beings opened their eyes and looked in the direction Mr. Rayford was praying from.  Some of those beings were released instantly, others held on long but I noticed that as they were being released either by disappearing, being dragged away or thrown into the fire,  I kept feeling pressure being released from my body.

Some of these demonic beings were released through my sweat from within my armpits but it was not the feeling of normal sweat but felt as if it were a serpent. 

Numerous times Brother Rayford asked me how I was feeling and my response was “lighter” and I was able to direct him where in my body these beings had tried to gather and manifest.  Brother Rayford then prayed over those areas and I continuously felt lighter and more release from these tormentors.  This cycle continued a few times until I felt a complete whole body lightness.  Mr. Rayford then asked me how I felt and all I could say was:  “I feel like I am floating in the air.”  Brother Rayford began laughing joyfully and I joined in and he prayed that God keeps me in his good graces and anoint me with His Holy Spirit and allow me to feel His love, His joy, His forgiveness, and asked for more love, more joy, more love, more joy.  I couldn’t stop myself from laughing and smiling for I kept feeling a flood of these emotions running through me.

Mr. Rayford then asked that God equipped me with his armor and Mr. Rayford began reciting each piece of the Armor of God the Belt of Truth, Breastplate of Righteousness, Sandals of Peace, Shield of Faith, Helmet of Salvation and the Sword of the Holy Spirit.  And as Brother Rayford prayed that God equipped me with these things, I felt a belt wrap around my waist, a breastplate or vest cover my chest and upper body including my back, shoes or sandals being slid on to my feet, a shield on my left arm with a heavyweight.  I felt a sword appear into my hand < right hand >then disappear and reappear onto my hip as if it were holstered and I also felt a helmet placed upon my head, then be lifted off and turned into a halo that floated above my head.

Mr. Rayford then asked how I felt again and I told him exactly how all the Armor felt around me.  He then said glory be to God and asked me to praise God which we both began doing together.

After one last prayer of strength as well as protection, Brother Rayford and I said our goodbyes and I returned to my pod.  As I returned to my pod I still felt the weight and the presence of the Armor of God and also felt lighter and inside felt whole and clean.  That night I slept beautifully.


Hey, Brother Ray hope this letter serves its purpose in giving glory to God and the work of his people.  Hopefully, this helps touch many lives God Bless you.  Also if you got time please send the two books that you had mentioned thank you.  Please keep me in your Churches prayers.”


Anthony C.

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Demon Deliverance of a Muslim Inmate

As a volunteer jail chaplain, I get a written request placed in my folder from a female inmate who I had recently prayed a deliverance prayer over, in which she manifested very dramatically and was delivered all praise to God!!! The request is for me to visit the father of her newborn baby who is incarcerated on the sixth floor of the county jail. She wants me to talk with him about deliverance.

So yesterday (6/3/17) when I met with him, he was very receptive to talk with me. He shared with me that he is surprised to see me and that I want to talk to him about deliverance, in that he just received and was reading a book on breaking curses that morning. He was raised in a Christian family in the “Bible Belt” south.

However, when he came out to California, he got involved with a woman who was a Muslim mystic and had children with her.He admitted that though he had been a Christian, he rarely read his Bible so his girlfriend at the time, accompanied by her family and members of her mosque, were easily able to get him to doubt the Bible and to lead him to convert to Islam.

Being sensitive and hearing from the spirit of God within my heart I discerned that though he was reading the Bible, he still did not fully believe and trust in God’s Word, due to the covenant he still had with the Islamic faith. Moments later in the session, it was confirmed when he told me he was perplexed and confused.

He conveyed to me that he was not at peace within his soul, due to his lack of assurance that he was going to Heaven, along with the paranormal attacks on his soul, which included voices in his head, nightmares, and demonic manifestations.

At this time I’m focusing and listening to God’s spirit in my heart for guidance in this prayer session.  As we are still conversing about this issue, God conveys to me that though he is unwilling to accept Jesus Christ as his savior, God wants to show himself real to him that night. So I then say to him, “I know you’re not ready to accept Christ as your personal Lord and Savior,” to which he nodded in agreement. I then added, “But, is it OK to pray with you, and ask God to show Himself real to you.” He said, “yes.”

I then proceeded to pray in Yeshua’s name, binding every demonic king, queen, and principle that had jurisdiction over him. I commanded the spirit of witchcraft, black magic, sorcery, Islam, and antichrist to manifest. I notice him slowly begin trembling and then look around as though something is in front of him and around him. I then call the fire of the Holy Spirit to burn these demonic spirits out of their hiding places. I bind the strong man and every demon under the authority of the strong man.

At this point, he begins to shrug his shoulders up and down and his neck all around as if something is moving throughout his shoulder, neck and back area. He looks surprised and fearful. The Holy Spirit brings my prayer utterance to a halt. The Holy Spirit conveys to me to ask him, “Are you ready now to accept Yeshua as your personal Lord and Savior?” Without hesitation, with a look of disarray, he says,”yes.”

I then tell him that if he wants to be truly delivered, he must forgive them who offended him, he must repent and renounce Islam. I ask him, “are you willing to do this?” Without hesitation, he says, “yes.” Now that he had repented and renounced Islam and his past sins, these demons ad no more legalities on him. I then lead him in a prayer in which he prayed the prayer of Salvation and to receive the Holy Spirit.

Demons were manifesting in Him causing him to shrug and sway and the Holy Spirit directed me to cast them to the pit of hell. When the prayer concluded, he reported with a big smile of relief that he felt good and that during the prayer he felt things moving all throughout his body lift up out of him. He conveyed he felt lighter and happy. Praise God for His love, mercy, and grace on this man. I then left him with an earlier edition of my book “Demon Mentality Exposed”  to help mentor him, so he could learn to maintain his deliverance in Yeshua’s name.

After obtaining the information about the identity, mission, and legality, I then will debrief with the individual. At this point, the individual will know clearly how to proceed to break the legality. Now the chief demon and every demon under the chief demon’s authority can be cast out of the individual to the pit of hell.

Here is a sample directive:

“I bind the strong man of (demon’s name) and every demon under his authority. I break their crown, amulets, and rings off and command in Yeshua’s name for all their belongings to be packed up in the name of Yeshua Hamishia. Angels of the Lord take the Chief demon of _______ and every demon spirit under their authority to the pit of hell.”

Many times, another demon will manifest and take the place of the former strongman. At this point, the deliverance minister will repeat the process until the last demon is cast out.

Once the last demon is cast out, in times past I have been directed by the Holy Spirit to pray for the individual’s healing, sometimes the individual is healed instantly after the spirit has left their body. If no healing has manifested or the demon has not left, we must be patient, believe and wait on God. Always be attentive to be ready to hear from God for any further directives from the Holy Spirit.

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Demon Deliverance Testimony-County Jail (Maximum-Security Side)-California

County Jail-Maximum Security Side (California)



Hello, my Brother, this is your good friend T—- writing you.  I had such a blessing visit from you today my spirit is overfilled with peace and love.

You see growing up I been abused physically, sexually and mentally.  So I grew up with a lot of fear in my life.  And the meth I was using was making me more afraid, but that’s not all.  If I was to make a list, it would go on and on.  the devil had his chains wrapped around me.

Then I met you brother, you broke the chains through prayer and deliverance with the power of the Holy Ghost.  When I bowed my head and you were praying for me I felt the devil inside of me moving around throughout my whole body.

I started shaking just like when I feel fear or afraid  I prayed for the devil along with the power of the demons to leave my soul.  Then finally I felt the demons come out and the Holy Spirit was able to fully enter my mind and body.  That’s when the tears of hurt and pain and fear came pouring out.

Then at last with the Holy Spirit entering completely within me, those tears of hurt, pain, guilt, and fear turned into tears of joy, love, peace, and forgiveness.

Rayford, I just want to say thank you for your visit.  You have truly blessed me with the power of the Holy Spirit.  God is real and Satan is real.  And this life is a constant battle between God and Satan.  But today I surrender my self completely to God.  Now since I know how to use my sword of the spirit, I can conquer and overcome Satan and his demons.

I know my journey with God has just begun.  But I’m not going to give up on god.  God loves me and He wants me to be in Heaven with Him one day.  This life is only temporary.

The devil will try his hardest to steal my soul and pull me into his lust but in Jesus Name I resist! Be gone!  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Rayford if you have time, please come visit me again and pray for me some more.  Thank you, my Brother, and thank you, Jesus.

T. S.

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The Redemption of a Rogue LAPD Cop: The Ruben Palomares Story

 The Redemption of a Rogue LAPD Cop

The Ruben Palomares Story

By Rayford L. Johnson/Director of ThugExposed.Org


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New World Order Committee 
By: Rayford Johnson


Ever wondered why secret societies are secret?  Why is it that an overwhelming majority of elite leaders in America, including those who’ve occupied the highest office, have belonged to an organization in the vast network of secret societies, whose rituals and teachings derived from the ancient mystery schools of Egypt and Babylon?

Why is death the penalty for breaking a secret society oath?  Why do they pay homage to pagan gods and goddesses?

Why do many self-proclaimed Christians belong to these secret societies, when their practices blatantly violate God’s Commandments, such as Exodus 20:3, which states, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me?”  And why don’t their pastors say anything about it?

Is there a secret motive behind the positive PR that many of these secret organizations receive for their good deeds such as feeding programs, scholarships, volunteering, youth mentoring, etc. that even the lower ranking members of these societies don’t know about?

Could today’s network of these secret societies be the architects and workers of the antichrist’ New World Order aka “Illuminati,” as prophesied in the Holy Bible?

These questions and more will be answered by author and Evangelist Rayford L. Johnson, who has spent more than 20 years researching, writing and teaching on the occult.  

Johnson has counseled and ministered demon deliverance prayers on many former members of the occult. Many of them have testified that they have been set free by the power of Jesus Christ from the spiritual torment and generational curses that the pagan rituals and oaths have unknowingly brought upon them and even their family through the “spiritual legalities” of breaking God’s commandments.

“The Truth Shall Make You Free.”

John 8:32

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