New Book Release: DEMON MENTALITY EXPOSED-A Journal of a Demon Deliverance Minister


Book Description:

Demons are real! They work in tandem with humanity’s free will to cause sicknesses, violence, crime, tragedies, mental illnesses etc.. This book will give you a deep understanding of the mentality of demons through the narrative of an experienced demon deliverance minister. Rayford Johnson is a former Correctional Counselor and author of Thug Mentality Exposed who counsels and ministers healing and demon deliverance at correctional facilities, “the streets”, online, youtube, phone prayer-line, conferences and residential settings.

Learn how to safeguard yourself and your loved ones from demonic oppression, possession and curses through the power of Jesus Christ.

God Bless,
Brotha Ray

“The Book Download is Free, however, Donations are always greatly appreciated.”

*We are asking those who can, to pray about giving a Donation to Help Support our Outreach Ministry. Which includes our Free; Inmate-Ministry Book Give-Away, Jail & Juvenile Hall Ministry, Prayer-Line, Guidance Sessions, Video Production (Free-Video Gallery) and Life-Skills Curriculum.

(This Book has an alias Book title which is A Believer’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare.)

*This book is out of the first stage of production, it’s not uncommon to find an error here or there, if you do, please inbox me:)

* This book will be on Amazon & Kindle also very shortly, I will keep you updated.

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