Inmate literally feels “Armor of God” come on him after (( Demon Deliverance Prayer ))

“My Sincere appreciation conveyed to Brother Ray and your ministry.  May God Bless abundantly.

  Okay so this letter is in regards to the testimony you asked for after helping release the demonic beings who had dominion over me as well as destroy the tools used to keep me in bondage.  Words cannot explain the amount of gratitude I have for your time and prayer.  Allow us to give all Honor, Glory, and Praise to our Heavenly Father and his beloved Son Jesus Christ.


My testimony:

November 1st, 2017, I Anthony C. received a visit from Mr. Rayford after formally meeting each other we began discovering why I wanted him to pray for and over me and what kind of things were going on in my life.

I began telling Brother Rayford about seeing people around me transform from one person to another before my very eyes.  Now when I get upset and angry, I feel as if something else takes over my body and I became a passenger inside my own body.  When this happens I feel the power and strength this other being releases and the more I hit someone or feed that anger the stronger it’s power becomes.  At times I would give into my anger to the point that this being would actually take over and I would black out.

Mr. Rayford began telling me that all these things are in fact demonic forces interacting with me.  He then began breaking down the ways these beings get inside you as well as how they obtain the authority to be there and dominate you by the behaviors and practices of our day to day life.  These practices and behaviors vary from lustful thoughts, adultery, drug abuse, tattoos and actively participating in gangs.  As I am being informed of these things my eyesight begins to darken and something inside of me kept trying to get me to leave, but I deeply desired to see this through.

At that time Brother Rayford started praying for legions, many legions of angels to enter the room so that they may bind the demons and cast them back into hell.  I then felt a light presence around me and another heavy and hollow presence within my body.  While Mr. Rayford prayed for specific things like lust, abandonment, guilt, anger, depression, mental illness, ADHD, schizophrenia, bipolar, drug abuse, adultery…..etc…

I could see inside my mind< for I had my eyes closed, head bowed> these demons and demonic beings opened their eyes and looked in the direction Mr. Rayford was praying from.  Some of those beings were released instantly, others held on long but I noticed that as they were being released either by disappearing, being dragged away or thrown into the fire,  I kept feeling pressure being released from my body.

Some of these demonic beings were released through my sweat from within my armpits but it was not the feeling of normal sweat but felt as if it were a serpent. 

Numerous times Brother Rayford asked me how I was feeling and my response was “lighter” and I was able to direct him where in my body these beings had tried to gather and manifest.  Brother Rayford then prayed over those areas and I continuously felt lighter and more release from these tormentors.  This cycle continued a few times until I felt a complete whole body lightness.  Mr. Rayford then asked me how I felt and all I could say was:  “I feel like I am floating in the air.”  Brother Rayford began laughing joyfully and I joined in and he prayed that God keeps me in his good graces and anoint me with His Holy Spirit and allow me to feel His love, His joy, His forgiveness, and asked for more love, more joy, more love, more joy.  I couldn’t stop myself from laughing and smiling for I kept feeling a flood of these emotions running through me.

Mr. Rayford then asked that God equipped me with his armor and Mr. Rayford began reciting each piece of the Armor of God the Belt of Truth, Breastplate of Righteousness, Sandals of Peace, Shield of Faith, Helmet of Salvation and the Sword of the Holy Spirit.  And as Brother Rayford prayed that God equipped me with these things, I felt a belt wrap around my waist, a breastplate or vest cover my chest and upper body including my back, shoes or sandals being slid on to my feet, a shield on my left arm with a heavyweight.  I felt a sword appear into my hand < right hand >then disappear and reappear onto my hip as if it were holstered and I also felt a helmet placed upon my head, then be lifted off and turned into a halo that floated above my head.

Mr. Rayford then asked how I felt again and I told him exactly how all the Armor felt around me.  He then said glory be to God and asked me to praise God which we both began doing together.

After one last prayer of strength as well as protection, Brother Rayford and I said our goodbyes and I returned to my pod.  As I returned to my pod I still felt the weight and the presence of the Armor of God and also felt lighter and inside felt whole and clean.  That night I slept beautifully.


Hey, Brother Ray hope this letter serves its purpose in giving glory to God and the work of his people.  Hopefully, this helps touch many lives God Bless you.  Also if you got time please send the two books that you had mentioned thank you.  Please keep me in your Churches prayers.”


Anthony C.

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