Gang & Cult Training Certificate


Gang & Cult Training Certificate

  • $150

  • Online Curriculum

  • Includes Gang Certification Workbooklet (pdf) & Thug Mentality Exposed Book (Ebook) & Training Certificate upon completion of course.

  • (On-line Curriculum will be sent after Payment within 24 hours)


  • Identifying Gang & Cult Culture

  • Impact on Behavior (B.E.A.R. Module)

  • History of the Thug

  • History of the Occult

  • Present Day Occultism

  • How Witchcraft/Sorcery works…

  •  History of Drugs (Pharmikia)

  •  History of Tattoos & Symbols

  •  Pimp Mentality

  •  Powerful Influence of Music

  •  Music Back-masking

  •  Private Prison, Pharmaceutical & Music Industry Cartel

  •  Counseling Techniques (R.E.A.C.H.I.N.G Module) Part-1

  •  Dealing with Demon Possession:

  •  Dealing with Demon Possession

Homework & Exams:


  1. Read Thug Mentality Exposed

  2. Watch Course Videos

  3. Read & Fill-Out Workbooklet

  4. Mail-in Workbooklet to ThugExposed.Org Ministries for Review

  5. Upon Approval of Workbooklet, A Link to an Online Exam of 20 Questions will be Emailed to you.  Must Pass by 85%. (Make-ups will be rescheduled after 1-week)

  6. Upon completion of Online Exam, Your Gang & Cult Training Certificate will be sent to you.


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