“East Oakland’s Diamond out of the Ruff” -Story of a Self Made Millionaire-(RRamon Fulcher)


East Oakland’s Diamond out of the Ruff
Story of a Self-Made Millionaire

“Stop believing the lie that a network marketing business doesn’t work. It does work and I’m living proof!” These are the strong words from self made millionaire RRamon Fulcher’s new book Winning is a Choice. An inspirational, personal development book containing the knowledge and wisdom that helped Rramon to rise to success above some monstrous trials and tribulations.

RRamon’s road to El Dorado Hills millionaire status from the tough streets of East Oakland, did not come easily served to him with a silver spoon. RRamon’s journey started out as a child in the suburbs of Silicon Valley. His parents broken marriage followed by his mother’s injury on her job, transitioned Rramon, his mother and brothers into the notorious gang and drug infested streets of East Oakland. A deep contrast from the suburbia life he had enjoyed in San Jose, California.

The mean and fast tempting streets of East Oakland eventually got a hold of young Rramon. His “street” activities eventually landed him doing a one day stint in a correctional facility, which he says compelled him to do a serious introspection on the direction he was going in his life. He credits that day for the start of his turn-a-around, along with a Christian evangelist who came to his door as a child in San Jose and shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ with him, planting the strong belief deep within that God had a great plan for his life. He credits his relationship with God for keeping him grounded and giving him a sense of accountability, even when he was running the “streets”, this accountability eventually drew him back on God’s path for his life.

In high school Rramon excelled in sports and started to focus intently on his grades. Upon graduation he went on to college and then begin a very lucrative career in real estate, in which he made his first million. However life made an abrupt 180 degree turn on him during the housing market crash, which forced him into bankruptcy, followed by a serious car accident, which led to the discovery of a cancerous tumor, if things couldn’t get worse, his car was repossessed.

“The secret I learned during this time is that a winning mindset is an “inside job” that you must work on moment to moment, thought by thought.”, RRamon writes in his book. It’s this type of resilience that led this Diamond Organo Gold representative out of the ruff of East oakland, into millionaire status and the distinct accolade as a top 500 income earner in the industry of network marketing out of 80 million distributers.

Learn more of RRamon’s amazing story and core principles that guided him down the road to success in his new book, Winning is a Choice.

Written by Rayford L. Johnson

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