Demon-Deliverance Stories



Dear Brotha Ray,

My name is Joseph G———.  I’m a 45 year old Christian who has dedicated my life to God.  I love the Lord so much and for everything, he is doing in my life.  A brother in our Bible study group shared a book of yours called “Demon Mentality Exposed,” what an awesome book, so powerful! Demons are real!

I’m hoping I could get you to send me a copy of your book called “Thug Mentality Exposed.”  That would be cool.  There is a line of people that want to read your Demon book and I’m sure my brothers would love to read the Thug book as well.  I’m very eager to learn what God teaches me, so I can share it with others.  Thank you so much and especially thank you for answering this letter.  I pray that God Will surely bless your ministry in bringing the lost to God and closer to Him.

God Bless,

Joseph G———  X-25——-


Testimony: Deliverance & Infilling of the Holy Spirit & Speaking in Tongues

Dear Brother Ray,

My name is Maurice Higgs and I just wrote to say what God has put on my heart and mind to present in this letter.  I was currently prayed for by you and I received your prayer, I felt delivered from everything we touched in agreement on.  About a week went by and I was working out hard fellowshipping with a Christian brother of mine and another inmate said basically I was too loud.

So I took it upon myself to go and confront this man and found myself angry and upset and he stated as I walked off,  “That God thing went out the window huh!”  That truly offended me and I decided to call a prayer call but I was still upset and the brother prayed for me and after I took it upon myself to go and so-called ask for forgiveness and I basically spoke about asking him to forgive me. Until the end, after I expressed how upset I was in anger and then I said forgive me.

The incident spread outside the pod and the relative of the inmate got upset with me not even knowing the matter.  I took it upon myself to tell the officer to move me period and I sat down and I knew then what God wanted me to do, so I did it, I was able to talk to the relative hug him and ask him to forgive me and he said the same prayer for me and I told him the same.

  I moved to 7th floor and I still was beating myself up and I went to pray and went to sleep.  As I woke it was dinner and mind you God puts it on my heart to study His Word before every meal and instead of not doing it.  I did in Jesus Name.  A sinner falls down but he gets up “Amen”.

Then I noticed the worker outside my door was studying and I called him to my door and introduced myself and told him my story and God used him to encourage me and as well used me to encourage him in areas in his life as well.

I felt good to pray with him and then he said later after the fellowship, have you read Brother Ray’s new book?, I said Rayford Johnson, I just seen him a few days ago.  So I got the book, prayed and dove in it, and came across Basic Prayer of Salvation and Deliverance, receiving the Holy Spirit, and prayer.

After the prayer it says remember John 7:38 tells us “Out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water.”  I went to my knees quietly and first, the Holy Spirit moved upon me, I spoke in tongues from my belly, it felt like an abundance of ab crunches being done.

  I began to cry while speaking in tongues, it was like I’m trying to say something in English but the words of a different language of the Holy Spirit came out, then I breathe in for a while and exhaled a long screeching cry/moan like I was choking and I believe it was evil spirits.

Brother, after I felt light and looked in the mirror and glowed and thanked God for true deliverance for me, wife and kids.  I praised Him brother and I come to understand Ephesians 6:10-19 “Believers let us wake up to this spiritual battle it’s real and God has equipped us for every good work. 

Maurice Higgs.


Jail Testimony: Deliverance

Brother Ray,

I pray this letter finds you in good health and living in the light.  Praise God!  I just wanted to write and tell you how grateful I am to God for using you as a vessel to help me get a hold of my life and I have never felt so free and sure of anything in my life.  I am now spreading the good news and learning so much about my place in the world.  And it is now a “Spiritual” place not of this world, for I have left my “worldly” nature behind (sinful nature) and rejoice in being a true follower of Christ Jesus!! Amen 🙂

Like you, I am a servant of the Most High and all the glory is His alone.  You have no idea the impact your books “Demon Mentality Exposed and Thug Mentality Exposed” have had and still have,  even as I write this, on the ones who were so informed.  My self-included might I add.

That awareness comes straight from God himself and backed fully by the Word of Truth, the Holy Bible.  After my first deliverance I had all the clarity given by the Holy Sprit to take hold of “the Truth” and finally have it sink into my heart and soul and even my mind in a way that was nothing short of a miracle Brotha Ray.

It sunk in so deep I new I would never have to step foot back inside and jail or institution for as long as I live.  Unless of course I am returning with a pass around my neck on behalf of my won ministry serving God the way you do.  Through the Lords help you do an incredible job at educating the last on how to truly get right with the Lord.  Not only that but the “tools as well so one can stay right with the Lord.

Thank you so very much for doing your part for Jesus our Lord and Savior by getting His bride ready for his return.  Because of all you help thru the Lord I and so many other now know that is our job to do as well. 

Praise God for clarity and understanding of the Truth.  I t brings tears to my eyes knowing how lost we all were and how much hope and love we have now thru faith.

Praise God and may the Lord bless your steps and your ministry Brotha Ray.

Forever Faithful

your Sister in Christ.