(Book Excerpt from Demon Mentality Exposed)

I met with an event promoter at Peete’s Coffee Shop to deliver a photo disc that he had ordered from me of an event I had recently photographed. We discussed some of the highlights of the event, then all of a sudden he began asking me questions about my gang and prison outreach ministry.

I told him some testimonial stories of demon deliverances at the jail, of those who were hearing voices and experiencing various paranormal demonic attacks. I noticed this tall, large framed man looking intensely at me as I shared with him my experiences of the power of Jesus.

Then almost mid sentence he politely interrupts me and asks, “Would you pray for me?” Other than being an event promoter, this individual was also an expert martial artist and had been a professional bodyguard for some very prominent people. He is also a dedicated Christian, who works in outreach ministry.

I said “yes.” Then I asked him why he was requesting prayer, his head nods down as if ashamed and then slowly he lifts it back up, and pauses, as if he’s too embarrassed to tell me. Finally he begins to share with me that he is dealing with heavy depression, various health issues and he has been hearing voices.

I knew as one who had practiced various styles of martial arts since childhood, that most martial art studios practice in one form or another, the Eastern mysticism, such as Taoism, zen, tai chi, chi, third eye meditation, yoga, etc.. These practices are rooted in the worship of false pagan gods. These practices go all the way back to ancient Babylon. When one practices these Eastern systems, they can create portals to the soul, to give demons a legality to enter and cause mental torment, sickness and various other curses in the individual’s life.

I then lead him outside to the parking lot for prayer. I have him sit on the front hood of my Prius, which puts his back towards on-going car and foot traffic.

Being lead by the Holy Spirit, I stretch my hand out towards him and begin to pray. As I begin to come against the spirits and call down the Holy Spirit fire on the witchcraft, Taoism, yoga and the demons behind the various martial arts systems he had been practicing, this big, burly man begins to breathe very fast and intensely, then begins to make a deep growling sound like a grizzly bear, rocking back and forth with his eyes closed. The growling would at times turn to moans, as if he was in pain.

When I commanded the spirits to come out and go to the pit of hell in Yeshua’s name, all of a sudden he then yelled out, long and loud. Some passersby begin to stare at both him and I, most likely wondering what I was doing to him.

This same pattern would continue as I begin to break off generational curses of sickness, Freemasonry, depression and other curses and spirits the Holy Spirit was giving me word of knowledge about. The manifestations continued on the hood of my Prius for about 15 minutes, escalating at an audio level, at which I was a little concerned that the police would be called. Finally the last demon came out and he opens his eyes as if he came out of dream. He begins to look around, holding his stomach. During the prayer, he was feeling spirits move all in him.

He gets up off my car and begins checking himself out by stretching a little and then he smiles and tells me “thanks, I feel good.” I convey to him to thank and give praise to Yeshua, because He is our Deliverer.

Video Prayer for Demon Deliverance & Healing:

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A Journal of a Demon Deliverance Minister
Authored by Rayford Lorenz Johnson
Demons are real! They work in tandem with humanity’s free will to cause sicknesses, violence, crime, tragedies, mental illnesses, etc.. This book will give you a deep understanding of the mentality of demons through the narrative of an experienced demon deliverance minister. Rayford Johnson is a former Correctional Counselor and author of Thug Mentality Exposed who counsels and ministers healing and demon deliverance at correctional facilities, “the streets”, online, YouTube, phone prayer-line, conferences and residential settings.
Learn how to safeguard yourself and your loved ones from demonic oppression, possession and curses through the power of Jesus Christ.
God Bless,
Brotha Ray