Demon Deliverance Testimony-County Jail (Maximum-Security Side)-California

County Jail-Maximum Security Side (California)



Hello, my Brother, this is your good friend T—- writing you.  I had such a blessing visit from you today my spirit is overfilled with peace and love.

You see growing up I been abused physically, sexually and mentally.  So I grew up with a lot of fear in my life.  And the meth I was using was making me more afraid, but that’s not all.  If I was to make a list, it would go on and on.  the devil had his chains wrapped around me.

Then I met you brother, you broke the chains through prayer and deliverance with the power of the Holy Ghost.  When I bowed my head and you were praying for me I felt the devil inside of me moving around throughout my whole body.

I started shaking just like when I feel fear or afraid  I prayed for the devil along with the power of the demons to leave my soul.  Then finally I felt the demons come out and the Holy Spirit was able to fully enter my mind and body.  That’s when the tears of hurt and pain and fear came pouring out.

Then at last with the Holy Spirit entering completely within me, those tears of hurt, pain, guilt, and fear turned into tears of joy, love, peace, and forgiveness.

Rayford, I just want to say thank you for your visit.  You have truly blessed me with the power of the Holy Spirit.  God is real and Satan is real.  And this life is a constant battle between God and Satan.  But today I surrender my self completely to God.  Now since I know how to use my sword of the spirit, I can conquer and overcome Satan and his demons.

I know my journey with God has just begun.  But I’m not going to give up on god.  God loves me and He wants me to be in Heaven with Him one day.  This life is only temporary.

The devil will try his hardest to steal my soul and pull me into his lust but in Jesus Name I resist! Be gone!  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Rayford if you have time, please come visit me again and pray for me some more.  Thank you, my Brother, and thank you, Jesus.

T. S.

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