Demon Deliverance from a Thuggee Spirit

David was a honor student and college graduate from a supportive and loving family, though despite all of that, he got caught up into the gang life, being heavily influenced as a young boy by his extended family. David was also still dealing with the tragedy of losing his older sister, who was an innocent victim in an infamous gang shootout at a Sacramento’s barbershop in 2010.  At the time, David was providing security for an event under the guidance of a local Freemason chapter.  It appeared he was being groomed for initiation.  I felt strongly com-pelled to talk to him about what the Holy Spirit had placed on my heart, and to ask him if I could pray for him after the event.  The following is a testimony from David’s account of that day:

“As he prayed I started having the thought to tell him to just stop and walk away. Now I felt the strong thought and urge to PUSH him down and RUN away, but I continued to receive prayer.

He was just calling stuff out, spirit of this, spirit of Freemasonry, “spirits that came in through his moth-er’s side, spirits that came in through his father’s side, spirits that came in through his sister’s death, spir-it of premature death in his family,” every time he said stuff like that, my mind would grab onto that. He called out spirit of premature death, bam! Started getting glimpses of everything that happened that I was aware of– Uncle James died, Uncle Pat a month later, my mom’s brother got killed, my sister got killed. Spirit of murder: BAM, I started thinking about the people in my family that had killed people. I’m named after (my) great grandfather who killed his mistress violently. 

Then he’s like “come out his eyes.” I’m not going to act. My eyes started fluttering, I tried to justify, then he called out one and my eyes opened up completely and I looked at him. I contemplated why I had opened up my eyes all the way. After I first spoke to him in the beginning, something in me felt like I wanted to talk to him, but something else was saying, stay away from him.


He said in the name of Yeshua Hamashiach (something) and I closed my eyes back. He then told me to repeat after him and as I did, I could not understand why I felt so irritated and reluctant to speak the words. “Father…(sighing and rolling eyes) I….(irritated even more) in the name of Jesus…(wondering why I’m being like that. He hit one my hands and it started to twitch in discomfort. He kept going and my hands started to let go from one another and separate to my sides. In the beginning, I noticed he was call-ing out things like spirit of lust, spirit of greed. So he was calling out spirit that came from this, spirit of that, spirit that came through gangster rap. Then all of a sudden he said “Thug spirits!”

Unbeknownst to him, I had briefly skimmed a book in my father’s room that explained the origin of the word “thug” and it’s connection the Thuggee cult. When he called out the spirit, I immediately associat-ed it with the cult I read of. My face filled with irritation and turned to the left, reacting like the class clown being called by his first name by his least favorite teacher. He immediately followed by calling out “spir-its that came in from his mother’s side to his father’s side to the 10th generation, come out!”

I wondered as my body began to posture upright, and tried to justify it in my mind. My chest continued to rise and all of a sudden my head snapped back, and my face rose towards the sky. (I later learned that the spirit of pride many times manifest with an upright posture, just as I had.) My mouth opened wide and I began to groan, as I felt myself no longer in control of my body.  My head turned left as my shoul-der rose to my jaw, and my left fist rose to the top of my left rib and began to shake violently. Meanwhile, I felt a serpent rise up the left side of my back. My body began to sway slightly, very slowly, and I tilted onto my left foot until Rayford caught me, tipping me back to balance. I continued to groan more profuse-ly and sway like a snake against the vehicle. 

My whole body swayed violently against the car. I took one last sway to the right, to the left, and to the right and my chest and face pointed to the sky as I began to (scream) in a supernatural manner, audible for over a mile, at the least. The screaming came to a halt and I felt my body release. I sat, lol, hunched over, with my perception of reality, changed forever. I sat, speechless, contemplating if what had happened was real. With no alarm clocks ringing off to wake me out of my bed, I had no choice but to realize that what had happened was real. In the name of Yeshua Hamashia, who I had denied as being the son of God after years as a halfway Muslim, I had been delivered of a plethora of demons that I had no idea were there. He asked for the third time, “how do you feel?”  I stared at him for a while before replying, “This is real; this is really real.”

To my awe, he then stated, “okay, I have a few more areas I need to pray for.” Lol. He started calling out this demon, that demon, demons that came in through tattoos, this demon, that demon, and he eventual-ly called out “demons that came in through the home, come out!” My body immediately reacted, twice as violent as before, and I began to sway violently like a serpent and scream with all of my body as Ray held me from falling over and as I screamed, I simultaneously began to weep in a divine manner, tears flood-ing out my eyes. As I finished weeping, I exhaled and felt ALL the weight of life, GONE!

He began to repeat “He loves you man, he really loves you. He doesn’t always do this for everybody man. He did this because you have a good heart. You’ve got a good heart. You’re humble, and you’re transpar-ent. He likes that.” Then he began to pray, “Father, fill him with your peace, your love, your joy.” And as he prayed, I felt something causing me to sink slowly.  At first I naturally thought to resist, but as I allowed it, I just peacefully sank down the car and rested low to the ground. “He wants to use you in your family; he wants to use you to change your family. He wants to use you in counseling.”  He eventually said, “I sense fornication will be a temptation” and he prayed that I would receive a beautiful wife, a woman of God, that would support me in ministry. He then began to impart that I receive his (deliverance and heal-ing) anointing.

He prayed that I would receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. As we finished up talking, he went in his car to grab a book (Thug Mentality Exposed) he recommended to me. When I looked at the book I was shocked. I had no idea, the book he was the author of and held in his hand, was the very same book I had read in my father’s room. I began to testify from the moment I left the parking lot for months until my baptism in the Holy Spirit and the glory of God manifesting on my life.

Praise God, David is now an Evangelist and Deliverance Minister with ThugExposed.Org Ministries.

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Book Description:

Demons are real! They work in tandem with humanity’s free will to cause sicknesses, violence, crime, tragedies, mental illnesses, etc.. This book will give you a deep understanding of the mentality of demons through the narrative of an experienced demon deliverance minister. Rayford Johnson is a former Correctional Counselor and author of Thug Mentality Exposed who counsels and ministers healing and demon deliverance at correctional facilities, “the streets”, online, YouTube, phone prayer-line, conferences and residential settings.

Learn how to safeguard yourself and your loved ones from demonic oppression, possession and curses through the power of Jesus Christ.

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