Bobby Castillo-East Coast Coordinator

Bobby Castillo-ThugExposed.Org East Coast Coordinator

My name is Bobby Castillo ex-EME who came to the lord. I am living in Brooklyn New York living with my pastor and cousin Danny Aguirre. I am from Fresno and you know
there was just a few of us put in. I have been on a long journey since I got out the joint (Marion Federal Pen). In most respects I done pretty good and could
be considered a success. I first worked as a drug counselor at Walden House in San Francisco and then I was the founder and director of the Calles Youth Project which was a gang program in the Mission District. I went on and got many
awards from 4 mayors, the Chief of Police, Speaker of the California Assembly
and a bunch others for my work with youth. But then I went on a spiritual quest searching my Native American/ Chicano background. I became a leader with the American Indian Movement and became a Sun-dancer. That is a hard road of fasting for 4 days with no food and water and dancing (kind of like jogging in place) from sunrise to sunset. After 4 days the Sundance leader pierces our skin on our chest and sticks pegs threw the skin and hooks them on to ropes we have tied to a tree. We then pull on the ropes or hang from the tree until the flesh breaks. I did this for 5 years fulfilling my commitment.

Even when I had fulfilled my commitment I was still lost spiritually. During that time I had been going to the United Nations representing many different Native tribes and prisoners. I became a recognized expert on the Administration of Justice in the Human Right Commission of the UN and a recognized Human Rights Defender. I didn?t care
anything about Jesus and in fact I detested most Christians during all this
time. I even traveled to the Middle East and met with some pretty heavy folks like Hezbollah.

I married a beautiful woman who was born in Algeria and is of Berber and German
decent. We have a beautiful girl who is the love of my life. I was getting ready
to move back to the United States after living in Switzerland for 10
years. One of my youth I worked with before became the director of a gang program and needed me to get back and help him. I had my plane ticket and was
getting ready to leave last August. Two weeks before I was scheduled to leave, I was riding my bicycle and almost made it home after doing about 20 miles. Cycling
in my passion and it’s my only addiction. I took to cycling because I needed to have a full knee replacement due to an old gunshot wound.

I came to a cross street and was making a left hand turn and noticed the car coming from my left. The driver wasn?t paying attention and looked up and made a sudden turn and hit me head on. I lay on the ground with 8 fractures including a spinal fracture, three hip fractures. The bone in my shoulder was sticking out of my arm pit and my collar bone was broken. The big sprocket of my bike tore through my arm and I was losing blood fast. I was still conscious and could feel myself going out. I begged for them to call my
wife which nobody did. I don?t remember the ambulance taking me to the hospital but I was there for a few hours before my wife found me. When she
got there the doctors were working on me and waiting for a helicopter to take
me to the main trauma center in Lausanne. Even though I was out I could see her crying and I could see her mom and my baby girl crying in the waiting room. Suddenly I felt a breeze and I could see everything in two layers. It was like looking threw a camera in the
water with half outside the water and the other half under. I knew I had to stay on top and not go under. Suddenly everything got pure white for as far as I could see and there were two people dressed in white with beautiful smiles telling me it was going to be alright because there was a lot left to do. Suddenly I opened my eyes and I could see the people in the helicopter hooking up bags and I could feel the helicopter taking off. I asked the person hooking up the bags why I was going to Guantanamo Bay? The people in the helicopter looked at me with disbelief and then I went back out.

The next day late in the evening I finally woke up. I couldn?t move anything or feel anything except for pain. My wife was there reading a book and I called
her to my side. My first words to her were ?I need you to get me a bible?. She
broke down a cried even harder because she thought I was going to die and she
saw them working on me when they took me to the Helicopter. The nurse came into the room and told her she had to go.

I kept thinking about the two people I saw in the white room and knew they were angels
and that the lord had kept me alive for a reason. But for What? For almost three months I lay in the hospital and tried to figure out what I was supposed to do. I couldn?t even pick up the bible for two months due to my injuries and the accident broke my hearing aid and really couldn?t understand the people speaking French to me. I couldn?t
find a pastor who spoke good English to help me in the few things I was able to
read. All I knew was I had to serve our lord Jesus Christ.

By the time I got out of the hospital I could barely walk and was told that I was lucky
that my spinal fracture didn?t damage any nerves but I would have to get a hip
replacement. I still couldn?t lift my left arm and just a little with my right.

I got back to the United States last November and went to stay with my brother in Northern California near Richmond. I stayed with a few weeks and found a place in San Francisco with an old friend. She had some kind of emergency and I had to
leave after a few weeks and had to pack all my stuff in the car. I went back to my brothers and got there late so I left most of my stuff in the trunk of my car. I had to take morphine for my injuries and woke up before sunrise and remembered my medication was in my suitcase. When I got to the car I knew I was robbed. I had my passport, computer, 1
grand in cash etc. What was worst I knew who probably did it? There was a
junky that lived down the block and he was always breaking into cars with his
two sons. I knew I was going to kill all of them and didn?t care if I got caught. My brother came out of his room and saw my eyes and grabbed me and hugged me and told me don?t do what I am about to do. I broke down and cried and cried. I felt so ashamed because I would have killed even the mom. And I didn?t have any proof
it was them. I asked god, why am I this way and that I don?t want to be this way. My brother called my cousin Danny and we all prayed. I decided that I wouldn?t go back to the doctor and get any more medication and deal with the pain. I took it for 6 months and kicked cold turkey and with a lot of prayers.
To make along story short my cousin had been telling me about the Assyrian People who
are being persecuted. He knew I cared about Indigenous people and they are Indigenous and they also speak the language of Jesus. As I got to read and
learn more and more I knew that I had to come to New York and begin my work for
the lord. But, I also know that there is a lot of work to do with these young
dudes who claim to be EME, 18th street etc. We also got the east coast Crips and
Bloods. And they are banging hard. I still have a lot of surgeries to go through
and moving a little slow but, I am moving steady getting there.

I am so grateful the lord has come into my heart and has found you as well.

Praise our Lord Jesus Christ for giving us this new life.
Bobby Castillo