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*ThugExposed.Org is under the Ministry covering of Fernando Perez Ministries.  A Healing & Deliverance Ministry.



“Bringing Awareness, Knowledge, Wisdom & a Mission by Exposing the Truth Behind the Hype.”

Ephesians 5:11







Galatians 5:22


We provide Gang and Drug Prevention and Life-Skills curriculum and resources to group homes, correctional facilities, youth programs, churches, schools, and parents by conducting workshops, training, consulting and guidance sessions.  We have Free resources via on-line through our website thugexposed.org.  Our curriculum is the book Thug Mentality Exposed, accompanies with a 150 page work-booklet and over 50 videos and podcasts, produced in-house.

Our Curriculum has been endorsed by schools, group home directors, correctional facilities, substance abuse programs, police departments, pastors, HIDTA (The High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas the program enhances and coordinates drug control efforts among local, State, and Federal law enforcement agencies.) CADFY (California for Drug Free Youth-under the executive order of the White House.).

Our program addresses the delinquent mind-set with the B.E.A.R. Module, A cognitive treatment method, which investigates  how the core beliefs of an individual were developed.  We assist the individual to understand how these beliefs were cultivated, in that it’s an individuals’s beliefs which produces their values and behavior.  We assist the individual in creating the “Big Picture” of their circle of influences, so they can better comprehend some of the influences which have been impacting their values/beliefs, resulting in behavior for the good and bad, such influences are: Family Life Friends Music Movies Video Games Significant Events Abuse etc… “We believe you can’t solve a problem, until you first understand the problem.”  Our goal is to get youth to  “think about, what they think about”, so they can have the awareness to obtain the “Big Picture” and internalize the program’s knowledge and wisdom to be on a successful journey towards their God given mission.

We believe in networking with like-minded organizations, churches and government agencies to help build a support system for our at-risk youth.  We believe “Team Work, makes the Dream Work.”

Matthew 28:18-20

ThugExposed.Org was established in 2009 by Rayford L. Johnson.  Johnson who is the author of the  book Thug Mentality Exposed and licensed minister, was a youth correctional counselor for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation for over 13 years.  He left CDCR on a mission to bring awareness, knowledge, and wisdom to society, to inform them about the dangerous and growing deadly epidemic of the thug mentality movement which is being fueled by the entertainment industry.

What makes this organization unique, is that Johnson has teamed up with former leaders and founders of gang and mafia organizations to combat the hype and lies of this growing thug and gang culture which some many youth are naively susceptible to.

ThugExposed.Org’s mission has taken off, with more than 1,100,000 web hits to the site in 2011 and state-wide workshops and bible studies in place, multitudes of youth, gang members, teachers, youth workers, churches are responding with positive reviews and deep appreciation about the resources, in-house produced inspirational videos and free on-line life skills and gang, violence, drug prevention curriculum (booklet) available on-line.

ThugExposed.Org arms the public with awareness, knowledge and wisdom, through updates and resources regarding the dangers of Thug Mentality. So they may help safeguard themselves and their loved ones from the harmful and deadly direct and indirect attacks of the growing Thug Mentality movement.

Many families are unaware that they are cultivating the thug and gang mentality within their own homes. For example, videos games being played in the home such as the #1 seller Grand Theft Auto, were the player (s) are the thief, carjacker, gang member, drug dealer, rapist and even murder.  Did you know that this game is even sold at Toys R Us.  A recent crime and murder spree in the California Bay Area by some teenagers was attributed to this game, in which in a court statement,  it was said that the youth became bored with the game, and wanted to commit the diabolical acts in real life.  The gang who committed these crimes were called the “Nut Case Gang.” (please see promo video above).

Music is being played on public radio, encouraging youth to have an anarchist mentality, by promoting drug use, violence, gang banging, pimping, domestic violence, criminal business ventures and sexual promiscuity.

How does ThugExposed.Org work with the community? *The community accesses our services via phone and website Offers free on-line life skills, gang & drug prevention curriculum (Work-booklet)

  • Free on-line Gang & Drug Prevention Videos (produced in-house)

  • Presentations/Workshops/Classes

  • Bible Studies

  • Counseling

ThugExposed.Org Brings an Effective Solution:

ThugExposed.Org  conducts workshops, creates videos and podcasts to expose the truth about the growing deadly epidemic of the thug culture. In today’s world being a thug is presented by the entertainment industry as not only cool, but sexy and to be respected.

ThugExposed.Org exposes the ancient culture roots of the thug going all the way back to Ancient Babylon, along with the deadly consequences.

Program Description

What: We have a program that will change and educate young people to prevent them from joining gangs and using drugs. Our program has a book titled “Thug Mentality Exposed” and it has a workbook to go along with it. The book Thug Mentality Exposed is a book of a compilation of research and testimonies from current and past gang members, from the streets and prison.These individuals have exposed what attracted them to gangs and drugs.

How: Our curriculum(book, workbook, videos) exposes in detail many of the causes of their addiction.

  • Fear factor

  • Peer Pressure

  • Lack of Education

  • Lack of Money for basic needs

  • Family tradition

  • Intimidation

Basic desire to be accepted and loved Our curriculum helps them to understand these destructive elements and how to diffuse them, which will stop a trail of blood and tears that have plagued our families, neighborhoods, cities, schools and nation for years.

What is Thug Mentality?

It is a mental weapon used by individuals and groups to intimidate through criminal activity or behavior to meet their needs and desires.

What is a Thug ? An individual that utilizes criminal activity or behavior and intimidation to meet their needs and desires. What is the Mentality of an individual who uses criminal activity to meet their needs?: “I’m going to do whatever it takes(criminal activity) to get me what I want” :

  • Robbery

  • Stealing

  • Lying

  • Cheating

  • Killing

  • Breaking Laws

Hurting any body (family, friends, enemies, authority figures etc…) This mentality is non territorial and is not a respecter of race,gender, culture, religion, or age.

We accomplish our Mission by providing a variety of effective life-skills, gang and drug prevention resources to youth programs, schools, churches, group homes and correctional facilities.

ThugExposed.Org Provides Resources via:

Website, videos, workshops, classes, presentations, counseling, staff training & consulting.

CALL  (916) 714-5840 or EMAIL: rayfordjohnson@me.com to schedule a Presentation/Workshop/Classes