The Gang Line Blogger By Mike Ramey


Unlike their predecessors, MSGs–Modern Street Gangs as I call them–are all about the illegal AND immoral. They use sex, technology and any other means to make money for their particular group or set. Modern Street Gangs have crossed color lines, sex lines, and international boundaries. They are as near as your Ipad. They are also not above using force–up to and including murder–to achieve their ends. Lastly, MSGs view themselves as a ‘religion’, which is something else which has ‘flipped the script’ in how they need to be fought. Thus, for churches to really go after modern gangs, they must be trained in the spiritual hooks that they use to ‘reel in’ youth.

What kind of hooks, you may ask? A few years ago, the Mafia had its own “Ten Commandments” that wound up being made public for the very first time. There is also a code of the streets regarding our Modern Street Gangs which I have aptly titled “The Thug Commandments”. Here they are, and remember where you saw them:


I. Thou Shall Be Willing To Sacrifice Thyself For Thy Gang

II. Thy Gang Colors Shall Always Be Regarded As Holy

III. Thy Gang Leader Shall Be Thy god & Worthy Of Thy Devotion And Worship

IV. Thou Shall Lie To Anyone To Protect Thy Gang

V. Thou Shall Murder Anyone To Advance Thy Gang

VI. Thou Shall Steal From Anyone To Enrich Thy Gang

VII. Thy Gang Is To Be Held Above Thy Parents And Family; Above Thy School And Church; Above Thy God and His Commandments.

VIII. Thou Shall Recruit Anyone Deemed Acceptable For Thy Gang

IX. Thou Shall Keep All Thy Gang’s Secrets

X. Thou Shall Represent Thy Gang At All Times & All Places

Mike Ramey is Chief Instructor and MSG Specialist at THE GANG LINE, Indianapolis, Indiana. He may be reached at the following Email: (C) 2014 Barnstorm Communications. Permission granted for ThugExposed.Org use.

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The Gang Line Blogger by Mike Ramey


A few years back, the movie “West Side Story” celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Sadly, many government agencies still view gangs as operating on that movie.

The new chapter of the Modern Street Gang goes back to the year 2001–the year the Twin Towers fell in New York City.  Thanks to modern communications, an ever expanding Internet, and innovations such as ‘Google’, ‘You Tube’ and ‘Facebook’, the gang member of today can recruit at will, cause havoc on a whim, and terrorize from the shadows.  That’s why I have designated the gangs of today as ‘Modern Street Gangs’.  Their attitude, bearing, aim and recruiting objectives from the top to the bottom are aimed at making money by any means necessary.  Unlike their predecessors, MSGs are criminal enterprises and are NOT ashamed to be associated with crime; be it ‘blue collar’ or ‘white collar’.  Gang members of today are equally adept at using a gun–or a computer.

They also view themselves as a religion.   Their ‘Constitutions’ are their ‘Holy Bible’. They are fueled by witchcraft, drugs, liquor and sex.  Their ‘street taxes’ and ‘dues’ are their tithes and offerings.  Even their signs, symbols and colors are stolen from the KJV Bible, Christianity, Catholicism, Freemasonry, Islam, and Fraternities/Sororities.

MSGs have crossed racial lines, sexual lines, and risen above ‘turf’ bickering.    Even in war zones, many of the major ‘food groups’ of the gang scene (Hell’s Angels, Bloods, Gangster Disciples, Vice Lords, MS-13 and 18th Street–among others) have had their tags and their colors flying proudly…along with the Stars and Stripes.

The FIRST thing one should remember; a gang–ANY gang–is composed of individuals.  Government grants and studies do NOT impress gang members. Gangs have used prayer marches and prayer vigils as recruitment tools.  Bangers (my own designation) are not scared of judges, politicians, reporters, cops, or socials workers.

However, hit them with the gospel of Jesus Christ and it will DESTROY them.

Mike Ramey is Chief Instructor and MSG Specialist with ‘The Gang Line’.  He may be contacted at  (C)2014 Barnstorm Communications. Permission granted for use by ThugExposed.Org. 


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